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Accurate Wind Data To Assess Wind Farm Site Viability 

We know that developers need to minimise costs before they get planning consent and grid connection approval.

We also know that wind resource is crucial to a successful project. If you don’t have any wind, your project might not be commercially viable and there’s no point having planning consent or a grid connection.

This gives developers a problem: how do you get wind resource data quickly and cost effectively?

WindCheck developed WindClick to solve this problem.

The WindClick process uses a high level wind database and adds corrections for small scale, local features like buildings and trees. The result is the most accurate resource screening tool available. WindClick is available for anywhere in the UK and results are ready within 48 hours.


De-risk your development

Get data quickly



Delivery in up to 48 hours

Wind speed estimate error of +/- 0.7 m/s

12 months of "typical" wind speed data provided

Simple local feature resolution at 50m

Yield estimate not included

WindCheck Process

Expert Advice

We have helped 100s of wind developments and can recommend the right service for your development.


Trusted Processes

Our detailed modelling processes includes all local wind breaks, so our reports won’t let you down.


Fast Turnaround

We understand project timescales can be tight. We can get your data ready in as little as 10 days.


Customer Support

We are on hand to answer follow up questions and liase with other project stakeholders.


A trusted process

A unique wind assessment process developed over 12 years

We combine advanced weather simulations with state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to process our resource assessments.

This process means you don’t need a physical met mast at the site. This saves you time and money. The process we use has been thoroughly validated against real data and used on 100s of sites that have been successfully developed

Precise Wind Estimates

The success of a wind energy project hinges on the accuracy of its wind speed estimates. A poor estimate can lead to a site that doesn’t meet its financial expectations, setting the stage for long-term underperformance. Once a site is up and running with inadequately assessed wind speeds, there are very few measures that can be taken to significantly improve its performance.

Traditionally, obtaining these crucial estimates involves setting up a meteorological (met) station at the prospective site. This method requires collecting data for at least a year and then converting it to a long-term wind speed estimate. While reliable, this approach is time-consuming and can be costly.
WindCheck offers an alternative: weather simulations. Advances in weather modelling have made simulations an increasingly reliable method for estimating wind speed. Not only is this approach more time-efficient, but it’s also cost-effective, enabling you to kickstart your project sooner and with greater confidence in its financial viability.

Why Consider a Windclick Report

A WindClick report serves as an invaluable tool for those in the early stages of wind energy project development. If you’re contemplating the viability of a site for wind energy, WindClick provides a straightforward and cost-effective way to assess the wind speed

This initial check helps you make an informed decision, offering insights into the site’s potential for successful wind energy generation. By opting for a WindClick, you can gauge the feasibility of your project early on, saving both time and resources in the long run.

When Do You Need a Windclick Report

A WindClick report is ideally suited for the initial stages of your wind energy project, specifically before you’ve secured planning permission or grid connection approval. At this early phase, the project still carries considerable risks, and it’s understandable that you’d want to minimise financial investment.

However, opting to skip this preliminary assessment can lead to costly mistakes down the line. A WindClick report offers a cost-effective way to evaluate your site’s wind potential, helping you mitigate risks and make informed decisions before committing further resources.

Grassy hills that are a good location for a wind farm
Wind turbines on hills covered with snow

What Next For Your Wind Farm Projects

Once you’ve confirmed good wind resource at your site and have received planning permission and grid connection approval, the next step is to opt for one of our more detailed assessments. These comprehensive reports are tailored to meet the requirements for securing bank funding and demonstrating site suitability to turbine manufacturers. 

More importantly, they offer peace of mind by ensuring you’ve conducted thorough due diligence. Given that a wind turbine has a life expectancy of around 20 years, any issues arising from inadequate wind resource assessment or factors like high turbulence or shear could plague your project for its entire duration. Our detailed assessments aim to mitigate these long-term risks.

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At WindCheck, our wind energy consultants understand the critical role that wind resource plays in the success of your energy project. Without accurate wind data, your project's commercial viability could be at stake, regardless of planning consent or grid connection. That's where our comprehensive WindClick wind analysis comes in.

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