Digital Engineering is thrilled to announce the success of its new climate analytics division, RedLines, in delivering a ground-breaking project for the German Federation of Offshore Wind Farm Operators (BWO). Collaborating with four major international offshore wind developers, RedLines conducted a comprehensive climate change risk & vulnerability assessment of four plots in the recent German offshore wind auction. The results of this study, while confidential, shed light on the impact of a changing climate on these sites, paving the way for a significant transformation in wind farm development worldwide.

Analysing the Impact of Climate Change

RedLines’ in-depth analysis explored the potential effects of a changing climate on offshore wind farms. By considering IPCC CMIP6 data, RedLines gained valuable insights that will shape the future of wind farm development strategies. Although specific details of the study remain confidential, it is clear that the impact of climate change on these sites can be either positive or negative, indicating the importance of adapting and designing wind farms to withstand future climatic conditions.

A Game-Changing Analysis

The implications of RedLines’ study extend beyond the four plots examined in the German offshore wind auction. The findings have the potential to revolutionize the way wind farms are developed worldwide. Understanding how climate change affects wind farm performance and resilience allows developers to make informed decisions, optimize energy generation, minimize risks, and ensure long-term sustainability.

Introducing Software as a Service (SaaS) Offering

Building upon the success of the project, RedLines is now developing a cutting-edge software as a service (SaaS) tool to deliver climate analysis to its clients. This innovative platform will enable wind farm developers to access real-time data, conduct customized site assessments, evaluate climate-related risks, and optimize asset performance in different climate change scenarios. RedLines’ SaaS offering aims to empower developers to make evidence-based decisions and enhance the resilience of their wind farm assets, ensuring long-term success in an ever-changing climate.

Join the Climate Analytics Revolution

Digital Engineering and RedLines invite wind farm developers, industry professionals, and climate enthusiasts to join the revolution in wind farm development. By leveraging RedLines’ expertise and technology, you can unlock the full potential of climate analytics and propel the industry toward a more sustainable future. Be at the forefront of innovation, gain a competitive edge, and make a meaningful impact on the global energy landscape.


RedLines’ successful project with the German Federation of Offshore Wind Farm Operators marks a significant milestone in the field of climate analytics for wind farms. The insights gained from this study have the power to reshape the industry, leading to more resilient and optimized wind farm developments worldwide. As RedLines continues to develop its software as a service offering, now is the time for industry professionals to join this transformative journey, harness the power of climate analytics, and drive the future of wind energy.