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Access to accurate wind projections is essential when evaluating a potential wind farm site’s suitability or trying to win over investors or lenders. Our data-driven models allow all stakeholders to understand the energy potential and viability of any wind farm project with confidence.
We have been providing these relied-upon reports for over 13 years.  And our process doesn’t rely on dated and expensive data from on-site met stations. Instead, we use state-of-the-art weather modelling alongside computational fluid dynamics to provide thorough wind resource assessments. Leveraging our insights allows you to accurately, quickly and affordably evaluate your project’s viability and gain the confidence of investors and lenders.
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A unique wind assessment process developed over 12 years

We combine advanced weather simulations with state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to process our resource assessments.

This process means you don’t need a physical met mast at the site. This saves you time and money. The process we use has been thoroughly validated against real data and used on 100s of sites that have been successfully developed

How to Use Our Wind Resource Assessment

Our wind resource assessment offers a comprehensive and investment-grade evaluation of your site’s wind potential. This report is intended to be bankable and is specifically designed to meet the standards that lenders require, aiding you in securing necessary funding. The assessment covers various aspects, starting with a gross yield estimate, which is the projected output before accounting for any losses like downtime.

We also account for common loss factors, leading us to provide an annual net yield figure, commonly known as a P50. This figure represents our most accurate estimate for your site’s power output. Additionally, we include a more conservative P90 figure, frequently used for financial planning, to give you a complete picture of the risks and returns associated with your wind energy project. It’s important to note that this assessment focuses solely on wind resource and does not go into technical site characteristics like wind turbulence or shear. If you require information on these aspects, please refer to our Site Suitability Report for wind turbine site assessments.

What’s Included In Our Wind Resource Assessment

Our assessment begins by creating a detailed site model that incorporates the latest information on buildings and trees within a 5km radius of your proposed development. The impact of these structures on wind resource can be significant, making this an important step.

Our wind assessment company uses Ordnance Survey terrain data with a standard resolution of 50m but can enhance this to 5m for sites with complex topographies. To provide a comprehensive understanding of wind speeds, we run 20 years’ worth of weather simulations. This data, when combined with the 3D site model, offers a highly accurate depiction of your site’s wind resource. Finally, our report includes a complete energy generation breakdown to give you a clear picture of your project’s power output potential.

Please note that while this assessment provides robust wind resource data, it does not delve into technical site characteristics such as turbulence, shear, or gusts. These factors can be crucial if your site has complex terrain or is in proximity to structures that could influence wind patterns. High turbulence and shear can lead to increased operational and maintenance costs, while gusts could necessitate a specific turbine design to withstand extreme conditions. For a comprehensive understanding of these variables, consider our Site Suitability Report.

Windy hill that is an ideal site for a wind farm

Why Consider a Wind Assessment

An ideal first level wind assessment for wind farm feasibility. This report takes into account local atmospheric conditions, terrain elevation, and land use data.

Moreover, our bankable assessments serve as robust evidence to secure financial backing, demonstrating to lenders that your project is a viable investment. Whether you’re seeking assurance for yourself or looking to gain the confidence of financial institutions, a comprehensive wind resource assessment is an indispensable step.

When Do You Need a Wind Resource Assessment

A Wind Resource Assessment is typically the first step to undertake once you have successfully obtained planning permission and grid connection approval.

Experience shows that project timelines often accelerate from this stage, leading to an urgent need to secure funding and place a deposit on a turbine. Conducting a thorough wind assessment as early as possible can therefore be invaluable, setting the stage for swift and informed decisions that contribute to the long-term success of your project.

Grassy hills that are a good location for a wind farm

Our Other Wind Assessments

Sunflower field with a wind turbine in a background

WindClick: The Initial Report For Site Viability

An ideal first level wind assessment for wind farm feasibility. This report takes into account local atmospheric conditions, terrain elevation, and land use data.

Our WindClick assessment is for early-stage prospecting to identify optimal sites for wind turbines and allows you to make a swift decision on any proposed site’s viability.

Suitability Assessment: Assess Your Site’s Suitability

Our report offers evidence of the site’s suitability for your desired turbine model. We analyse extreme gusts, turbulence, shear, Weibull statistics and power output with 5m x 5m accuracy.

Our WindClick assessment is for early-stage prospecting to identify optimal sites for wind turbines and allows you to make a swift decision on any proposed site’s viability.

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