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Wind Farm Site Suitability Reports 

Wind turbines are being built on increasingly challenging sites. Nearby buildings, trees and hills can slow wind speeds down causing a loss of power.

We also cause other problems like high turbulence, wind shear or extreme winds. These effects can cause wind turbines to fail early. To avoid this, a site suitability report from WindCheck will tell you if you have any issues and lets you take avoiding action.

Prudent wind turbine suppliers will ask for this type of report to make sure they are providing the best type of wind turbine for your development. The report uses our simulation-based methods to get you this data quickly and cost-effectively.


De-risk your development

Assess Site Suitability

Get data quickly


Wind speed estimate error of +/- 0.35 m/s

20 years of data provided for wind speed analysis

Detailed resolution for local features including high resolution topography

P50 and P90 power estimates adjusted for main technical losses

2 scenarios as standard

WindCheck Process

Expert Advice

We have helped 100s of wind developments and can recommend the right service for your development.


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Our detailed modelling processes includes all local wind breaks, so our reports won’t let you down.


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We understand project timescales can be tight. We can get your data ready in as little as 10 days.


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We are on hand to answer follow up questions and liase with other project stakeholders.


A trusted process

A unique wind assessment process developed over 12 years

We combine advanced weather simulations with state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to process our resource assessments.

This process means you don’t need a physical met mast at the site. This saves you time and money. The process we use has been thoroughly validated against real data and used on 100s of sites that have been successfully developed

What Our Site Suitability Reports Include

Our Site Suitability Assessment encompasses all the elements found in our standard Wind Resource Assessment. This includes everything from detailed site modelling to energy generation breakdowns. In addition to these, the report delves into other critical factors that can adversely impact a wind energy project, such as turbulence, wind shear, and extreme wind speeds.

Understanding these elements is vital as high levels of turbulence and shear can lead to increased operational and maintenance costs. Furthermore, it’s important to assess extreme wind speeds to ensure that the turbine you select is adequately rated to withstand such conditions. By providing a holistic view of both the wind resource and technical site characteristics, our Site Suitability Assessment prepares you for the complexities you may encounter, allowing for more informed decision-making.

Why Consider a Site Suitability Report

A Site Suitability Report is particularly important if your proposed wind turbine location has complex terrain features like steep hills or cliffs, or if it’s situated in an urban environment with nearby farm buildings or factories. 

These factors can significantly influence not just wind speed but also other key variables like turbulence and wind shear. By opting for a Site Suitability Report, you gain a more comprehensive understanding of how these complexities could impact your project’s long-term performance and maintenance costs, thereby allowing for more robust planning and risk mitigation.

When Should You Get a Site Suitability Report

A Site Suitability Report is ideally obtained right after you’ve received planning permission and grid connection approval, similar to the timing for a Wind Resource Assessment. Projects often pick up speed at this juncture, so having comprehensive data is crucial for informed decision-making. 

For clarity, the Site Suitability Report encompasses all the information found in a Wind Resource Assessment, meaning you don’t need to purchase both. Opt for a Site Suitability Report if you have concerns about complex terrain or nearby structures like buildings and trees, as it provides additional insights into these factors.

Wind turbines on hills covered with snow

How to Use Our Site Suitability Reports

Our Site Suitability Report is a comprehensive document designed to guide various stakeholders in the wind energy project. It is particularly useful for project developers, financial institutions, and turbine manufacturers, offering them a detailed understanding of both wind resources and technical site characteristics. The report can strongly influence decision-making around funding, turbine selection, and long-term maintenance planning.

If you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities that can impact your wind project’s performance, we encourage you to get a Site Suitability Report. Contact us wind resource assessment company today to learn more and make more informed decisions for your wind energy project.

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