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You have done the hard work. You have a site with planning consent, a grid connection, and you’ve been successfully generating energy.

Now your turbine has reached the end of its life, or you are considering upgrading the turbine. 

In either case, WindCheck can help. We will take the available generation data you have and combine it with our fast, accurate, cost-effective wind modelling process to provide you with a view on how your repowering project will turn out.


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Why Consider Wind Turbine Repowering Assessment

Wind turbines have a finite operational lifespan, usually around 20 years. As technology evolves, older turbines may become less efficient and more costly to maintain. A Wind Turbine Repowering Assessment allows you to evaluate the feasibility and benefits of replacing ageing turbines with newer, more efficient models.

This not only maximises the wind resource but also can significantly improve the financial viability of the project by reducing operational costs and increasing energy output. By conducting a repowering assessment, you make an informed decision that could revitalise your wind energy project for years to come.

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When to Think About Wind Turbine Repowering

While the conventional wisdom suggests evaluating repowering options as your turbines approach the 15- to 20-year mark, there can be compelling reasons to consider this step earlier. Advances in turbine technology and reductions in equipment costs can make repowering a financially sound decision even before the typical lifespan is reached. 

Additionally, early repowering often involves upgrading to a larger, more efficient turbine, which can substantially increase your energy output and financial returns. Careful evaluation of these factors within the framework of your specific project can guide you in making a strategic and cost-effective decision on when to repower.

What Our Repowering Assessments Include

Our repowering assessments are designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of the potential benefits and challenges involved in upgrading your existing turbines. We offer projections on the likely output of the new machine, which is essential for evaluating the financial viability of repowering. 

A It’s important to note that repowering often involves replacing the existing turbine with a larger, more efficient model. However, planning permission usually stipulates that the new turbine must maintain the same tip height as the existing one. This can mean a lower hub height for the new turbine, resulting in potentially reduced wind resource. Factors such as wind shear and turbulence may also be higher in this case and need to be carefully assessed. These nuanced evaluations provide the critical data you require to make an informed decision on repowering your wind energy project.

How to Use Our Repowering Assessments

Our Repowering Assessment serves as an invaluable tool for decision-making throughout the lifecycle of your wind energy project. The report can be shared with stakeholders, investors, and planning authorities to demonstrate the feasibility and advantages of upgrading your existing turbines.

It provides detailed projections on the new machine’s output and assesses key factors like wind resource, shear, and turbulence, which are critical for operational planning and financial modelling. However, please note that the report is geared towards informing repowering decisions and is not a substitute for detailed site suitability and wind resource assessments, which may still be required. Utilise this report to make an informed choice on whether repowering is the right next step for your project.

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