WindCheck – The New Wind Resource Brand from Digital Engineering Has Launched.

The wind power industry just got a powerful new ally with the launch of WindCheck: the wind resource assessment arm of the DE Group (Digital Engineering).

WindCheck is the ultimate resource for those wanting to make the best return on investment for their on-shore or off-shore wind farm project. As seasoned wind energy consultants, the team at WindCheck understands the unique challenges and opportunities that wind farm projects present. 

Offering a series of analytical wind resource reports, site suitability assessments, wind farm assessments, and more, developers can utilise the insights of state-of-the-art wind assessment models to enhance their decision-making through every stage of a project.

“We’re thrilled to launch WindCheck and give the wind assessment arm of DE Group its own identity and brand,” said Director Rob Sunderland.

“Digital Engineering has been a well-respected wind resource assessment provider in the UK for the past 12 years. And after a rapid increase in demand, not just in the UK but worldwide, now is the right time to launch WIndCheck as a standalone wind-assessment-focused brand to better serve industry professionals, investors, and anyone interested in harnessing the power of the wind,” Rob added.

Some of the key insights users can rely on include:

  • Wind Click Assessments – this initial report will quickly estimate your potential wind resource so that you can make more cost-effective decisions about site viability
  • Wind Resource Assessments – this is an in-depth, bankable assessment designed to support developers when looking to secure funding for a project
  • Site Suitability Assessments – this gives accurate wind and energy resources estimates, as well as analysis into potential site issues, such as high turbulence or extreme winds
  • Repowering Assessments – this report offers insight into how new, or optimised turbines, can perform and enhance your energy yield

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